Come Ride With Us...

Jim and Karen Hagen invite you to join them for an exclusive escape on one of our seasoned, well cared for horses into the serenity of the Sierras with Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters, the original "Kirkwood Stables".

• All of our rides are individualized and personalized for your group.

Summer 2017 KSO Dates of Operation

Due to the huge amounts of snow this winter, most of the trails are still covered with snow giving us a late start for all of our trail rides

• Planned opening date for 2017 is Mid July •



Jim and Karen Hagen

Join us for a memorable and educational scenic trail ride throughout the Eldorado National Forest and Mokelumne Wilderness.

• We are not a 'nose to tail’ operation and take small groups of up to 5 riders only per trail ride. We offer rides on a regular basis for small groups. Rides start at 3.5 hours with a rest stop at a one of the very scenic lakes.

• Reservations in advance are needed to organize your riding experience. We are not at a ‘ stables' or a location everyday where we can take walk ins, and we trailer the horses to the trailhead location for your ride.

• Our scenic trail rides start from a variety of designated trail heads such as Allen Camp Silver Lake, Bear River, Horse Canyon Trail and more.

(sorry, we are not located in Kirkwood Resort area, and are not offering rides there at this time).

Please note: Minimum age requirement is 10 to 12 years old, based on consultation with parents. Parents or a qualified adult are required to participate in the ride with children.


2017 Schedule 

Hidden Lake from Allen Camp Trailhead at

Silver Lake…Sundays and Mondays

(There is a minimum charge for the day of $250 for one or two people, if we can add a friend it is only $105 per rider.)

$105 per person

Call for Reservations




Silver Lake Ride at the Overlook

Here are some comments from people who enjoyed their trail rides with KSO this Summer... 

Thanks for such a great ride today. It was a pleasure to meet Jim and we couldn't have asked for a better day. We really hope we'll be back and we'll tell all our horseriding friends about your great operation. 

Thanks again

Highlight of summer-riding with Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters. Silver Lake to Mud Lake on Cheyenne. He was a great horse even though I called him a "good girl" for the first two hours…. EG

Dear Jim and Karen,

 I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our horseback ride last Saturday. Jim was wonderful at making us all feel comfortable and we loved to be on the horses, taking in the breathtaking views. It was a very serene experience. We hope to see you again when we return to Tahoe next year.

Kind regards,


Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters U.S.F.S. Special Use Outfitter Guide Permittee 
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